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**My Boyfriend**
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**My Poems**
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**My Boyfriend**


This is my boyfriend Scott Tuck.. He asked me out the 20th, it was really sweet..hehehe. I love him so much. He is an awesome person and  really sweet.. He is pretty too.:P Aww.. Isnt he cute!! OMG!! YOU ARE NOT FAT AND YOU ARE NOT GOING BALD..SHEW..
                        **Allie Loves Scott**


                          **Scott's Poem**
With just a simple look, you can take my breath away. With a simple touch, you can make me melt. When I am with you, I could not image being away but there. In your arms, I feel safe and secure. Without you, I would not know what to do. I am just so use to you being there to make me feel better. Your voice is so calming I could listen to you talk all day. I love it.  Just the fact that I get to see you makes my day a whole lot better. Even though we have been dating a month, I could not image being with anyone else. You make me so happy. I am so proud that you are my boyfriend. I would not change anything about you. It could not get any better. I love the person that I am when I am with you. It is just so awesome.