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**My Poems**

Here are some of my poems. They are not that good, but I like to write them. :)

The pain I am going through is so painful. Why are guys such dickheads. They tell you they love you, and that you are the most important thing in their life. But there is someone else. No one will ever understand the real reason behind why they do it. They put you through hell and expect you to be okay with it. Well they should be tortured. Just because you love them with all your heart does not mean they can do what they please. It is hell watching someone you love loves someone else. If you love the person you are supposed to love them forever and always until death do you part. You cant just decide it is over you build a bond with a person the bond is supposed to last forever. Not when you say it is over. Love cant be bend in all them ways.. Love is supposed to be true and pure, and come from the heart…

Love can mean alot and love can mean different things. Love can be to some people a simple kiss or just the way they look at you. Love can also mean to some people never having to say goodbye. Love has different meanings and they all make people do crazy things. Without love the the world be empty. Love is a special bond that people have when they are together. Love is something that everyone wants in their life. Someone to hold, kiss, and to talk to. Love should not be used lightly. Love just is a simple word with a big meaning that can change someones life.

                  *Better Off*

My life was looking up. Finally I could breathe normal again. But I turn around and lookin in your eyes then you smile like nothing happened. Thats when my world finally fell apart. I cannot take it anymore. I love you and it is so true. I will wait my whole life to be with you.But I cannot stand living if all I am going to do is have to wait. Its not worth wasting my life for you. I wake up everyday thinking about you, and I fall alseep with you on my mind. I guess things change and I guess you did, so screw you I am better off without you.

                            *Kate's poem*

She is afriad. So she walks alone. She is afriad of falling. Falling in love with him. He worries her with his lies. But she could not feel more right with him. She wishes for her days back with him. He completes her. But forever, a 7 letter word, scared him. All she asked for was his love. A commitment, he could not do that. I just think he did not do it because it would mean that 7 letter word again. She says brokenhearts kill. Well they do if the one you love loves someone else. So she is afraid of being alone, a world with out him.

All these poems were written over the summer and everything.