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**Shout Outs To My Friends**

Here are some shout outs to my friends...

Kate Nicole- Hey Hey there! You are my bestest friend. I don't know where to begin. This summer has been crazy. We have to go fish more often. (wink wink). Watch out for them flying fish. You are never allowed to dot my leg again. That stuff will not come off. OMG I no longer think Nathan reminds me of Josh. Even tho I didnt get to compare them the way I wanted to. The halloween party was awesome, we are going to have to do that again, but make sure people STAY THERE this time. Are you going to let Ronnie cut your hair anymore. LMAO.. Poor Kate. Well I guess I will talk to you sometime. LYLAS

Jenna- OMG I cannot believe we have the same middle name.. That is awesome :P:D.. I think we like to make fun of Chris a little to much but oh well..At least we can spell better than him.. I can't believe H.S.S might be getting a volleyball team.. I'm so excited.. HEHE anyways.. Have you tried to turn on anymore T.V.'s with the remote.. LMAO. That was great Jenna.:P.LYLAS

Tyler-You are a cool person.. You are funny to. OMG you need to be in our musical :P.. You like to sing at Vocational School.("Mr.Mom").  I don't really know what all to say. You are not allowed to moon me anymore either.. i was so not expecting that.. Well anyways sorry. Be good and don't get into fights... LYLAB

Sheila- OMG.. The Derby!! LMAO.. Sorry that was funny that night. Anyways...OMG Sheila *Fake Hug*. I miss Coach. *Tear*. LOL. Have you tired to bouce down anymore stairs on your butt. LMAO. You have to admit that was funny. HEHEHE Have you fell down anymore drive ways. Crazy Sheila. The Kate's bushes are going to die now. LMAO. You need to call Tacket more often. LMAO.. Well your a really cool friend.. TTYL. LYLAS

Cortney- You are my  red headed friend.(best friend). LOL. OMG the pass summer hasnt been so great for us, but you can`t forget about Baseball Games, and me falling out of your window...Shew.. I am an Moron!!! OMG, Do you remember me bitting a whole in you Blow up Guitar.. that was so funny.. We are still going to go to Cali our SR. year.. Your one of my best friends.. LYLAS!!!

Ronnie- Hey Hey Chicky Your a really cool friend. Kate, you, and me need to go to more haunted house. Those were fun. LOL.. I am not sing in any of them tho. That was crazy. We need to go back to Bucktussle (I don't know how it is spelt). That was psycho. LOL. Well have fun... LYLAS

Ethan Reed- Hey Hey! Omg you have helped me so much this summer. Your so awesome. Are you still going to go to Cali with Cortney and me.  It will be so much fun. Well have a good one. LYLAB

I'm sorry if I left anyone out. If I have tell me..